Submissive Bow - Photo: Mr Para


How would you like to score a FREE Premium Membership on NoGrey?

We're in need of a greater variety of models to represent our beautifully diverse community.

Just send us an image you're happy for us to use as part of our global promotions.

This offer is open to EVERYONE, and we hope everyone will help us ‘represent’!

Submissive on Display | Photo: MrPara

Ambassador Application

We’re wanting to talk with our peers and community leaders.

One of our key objectives is to improve safety for those living our lifestyles… to do this we need to get the word out.

If you are a respected member of the community and you are in a position to reach others we’d like to discuss collaborating on content to engage your network in further discussions around safety within the scene.


How do verify your involvement in the lifestyle
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Early access

The goal of our program is to achieve a greater level of safety and privacy while making detailed discussion easier, significantly more fun, and much faster. By becoming a beta tester you will have the latest and greatest features rolled out to you before anyone else.

Early Adopters

This program is for people interested in being part of our Beta Testing, as we advance NoGrey through iterations. Should you wish to be part of the next wave… please complete the form below.



  • Some tolerance - find the bugs we’re blind to

  • A desire to dream - submit your ideas for improvement

  • Discretion - we doubt we’re going to get it right every time


Do you have at least 2 different people who would be willing to negotiate and scene with you?
You do not need to disclose this unless you wish to
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