Exposure: Fetish Image Opportunities

We're really wishing to obtain some imagery that represents the entire community as we begin to roll our NoGrey app out globally. We're hoping the community itself will assist with ensuring everyone is represented.

Submissive Bow - Photo: MrPara

Call for user content

We've made numerous call outs for photo shoots - but we are struggling to source the variety of models needed to represent the community 'holistically'. To be as inclusive as possible we thought we'd change tact.

Send us an image you're happy for us to use as part of our global promotions

If we feature the image you submit in any of our promotional activity we’ll supply you with a premium membership.

If we use more than one shot of yours we’ll credit you with a longer period of membership.

This offer is open to EVERYONE - we really hope EVERYONE wanting to see all parts of this wide community represented will submit to help us achieve that exact goal! Represent.

the ideal image

Ideal Images are:

  • Suggestive NOT explicit (think vanilla social media 'friendly' - we like to tease a little)

  • Depicts genuine enjoyment - love a great candid shot!

  • Non-Identifiable (hey, we're happy for you to show your face... but wanted you all to know this isn't necessary)

We’re really short on images that include:

  • Couples (of all persuasions)

  • Guys (why so few male models...)

  • 40+ of all genders

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