Fetlife Alternatives

Being a pet owner has responsibilities. Puppy Play Anyone?

Being a pet owner has responsibilities. Puppy Play Anyone?

There are a lot of new online BDSM communities, but we still believe Fetlife is the best.

Where does NoGrey fit in… we are not looking at replacing existing dating apps or kinky community forums. We developed NoGrey to allow people to negotiate their play scenes faster and more efficiently.

NoGrey is the only tool that exists focused on facilitating pre-scene discussions.

If you wish to compare some of the Fetlife alternatives, we’ve pulled together a quick comparison table of similar apps and BDSM dating websites like Alt.com and KinkD.


NoGrey isn’t a Fetlife alternative, we compliment these online communities. Our app bridges the gap between meeting people online and playing with them in the real world.

Features NoGrey Fetlife KinkD Alt
Free Membership Yes Yes Yes No
Advertising No Yes Yes Yes
Scene Negotiation Yes No No No
Visual Fetish List Yes No No No
Photo Gallery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Galleries Yes No No No
Free Chat Yes Yes No No
Group Chat Coming No No No
Dating Searches Coming No Yes Yes
Events Coming Yes No Yes

Comparing Fetlife with NoGrey

You don’t have to…

Use both. We do! And they work really well together.

We’re all about safe, informed play. And our focus is on making sure those valuable pre-scene discussions happen quickly and easily.

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