Tumblr Alternatives

Ex-Tumblr User… Where Do You Go Now?

Prior to the adult content ban, Tumblr offered users a safe space to express their artistic identity and even explore sexuality through content often considered NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Both Apple and Google have taken a rather dismal overly-conservative approach that boarders on oppression. As a minimum the stance is an unhealthy level of censorship.

Society’s quest for so called ‘morality’ centres on the premise that there is a distinction between right and wrong or good and bad. Who decides this?

What right do other people - or worse, companies - have to dictate your tastes in food, in art, or in pleasure? Sure, lines need to be drawn to protect minors and those who may not be able to readily decide for themselves, but…

How, can self expression, that is not ‘imposed’ onto another against their will ever be considered ‘objectionable’.

Supporting Artistic Expression and Self Discovery

Supporting Artistic Expression and Self Discovery

Many users of the Tumblr platform have begun looking for an alternative website that allows explicit content, and while NoGrey is a mobile application, it has some incredible features that support self expression and healthy exploration of alternative lifestyles.

NoGrey as a Tumblr Alternative

Whilst still in infancy NoGrey offers a great alternative to Tumblr for content publishers and consumers alike.

What can you expect

  • Greater security for sharing your own content - other users cannot even take a screen shot*

  • Extensive privacy controls

  • Ability to limit posts to specific contacts

  • Easily mark images that may be considered NSFW

  • Filter out images that are NSFW (should you wish)

  • Supportive moderators for artistic expression

  • Encouraged

  • Consent focused sharing

What you WON’T find on NoGrey

  • Underage images (huge no no)

  • Animals being objectified or abused in anyway

  • Promotion of paid sexual services (Not for Pro Advertising)

  • A focus on porn (NoGrey is about ‘Alternative’ exploration)

Consent Focused Sharing

NoGrey is committed to championing our user’s rights for self expression, committed to providing a safe place for people to discover and explore without judgement. Provided users stay within the realms of lawful activity we wish to support individuals in their own growth and give them confidence to present and share their joys, their delights, to others.

With one guiding principle: Respect

We will insist users respect others on the NoGrey platform, and this includes ensuring they have ‘consent’ before exposing users who may not wish to see the things that excite the person posting. All we as is that you’re socially aware enough to not go posting graphic full frontal images to the public feed - save that for your close contacts people ;)

This way NoGrey should be a long lasting alternative to Tumblr. One that hopefully stands the test of time and discrimination.

*Android currently supports screen capture prevention, and at the time of writing iOS support is in development to be released shortly.

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