NoGrey on Our Kink Podcast

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time in the studio with the lovely people from Our Kink. It was an incredible chat, and we are delighted talk about how we see NoGrey fitting into the fetish world.

A New Fetish Community

The intent is for noGrey to be the perfect accompaniment to online kinky dating apps and fetish communities. Our mobile application is designed to make your pre-scene negotiations fast and effective. Once you've met someone on an online kink community like Fetlife, NoGrey is there to help you stay safe as you step from the online world into the real one.

Our Kink Discussion Transcript

What is NoGrey

NoGrey is a secure mobile app that allows you to negotiate multiple scenes with different partners, using simple gestures.

Instead of juggling pre-scene negotiations across email, text and messaging, now you can easily reference activities, participation level, experience level and limits through easy-to-read visual graphing.

What is the intended use of NoGrey

NoGrey will help kinksters to rapidly negotiate more effectively with partners, on a private encrypted platform.

Create your ideal ‘experience’, where you can both suggest and remove activities, while fully customising the intensity of your play.

Wanting to play with someone new, not sure where to start? Create your own visual ‘fingerprint’ of interests, view that of your play partner’s, to easily see where your desires intersect.

Who is running NoGrey

NoGrey is created by kinky people, for kinky people. Between our three co-founders we have over 20 years of experience and are active in in both the Victorian and Queensland scenes. Best of all, there’s a number of even more experienced people heavily involved in helping to shape this tool.

Explain how you plan the app to be used

Unlike dating apps, NoGrey is primarily intended to be used between people who already know each other.

Download the secure app, share your profile only with those who you wish to view it – you have in depth control of what is seen by whom, and whether or not you are ‘discover-able’.

Offer/accept/decline potential activities, determine your participation and interest levels, whilst communicating your limits quickly and clearly.

Change your mind? Edit and update your interests with ease.

How will it benefit the community

Negotiation isn’t a quick conversation – more often than not it is multiple conversations spread over numerous channels… text, phone calls, emails, messenger, chat, all this fractured information can easily lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding, not to mention being difficult to search and reference.

NoGrey isn’t a replacement for in person pre-scene discussion – it will prepare you for that conversation and streamline the process so that you can focus on what we all enjoy most – play!

What made you want to create such an app

Initially, a conversation!

We have both experienced (as have most other kinksters) the difficulty that there can be in negotiation. Pages of text, conflicting information over time, a lack of clarity surrounding interest level and experience… so the search began to find a tool to help minimise these gaps in understanding.

What did we find?

Nothing like this exists.

Be it a complex scene, a new partner, or simply a lack of awareness of what questions need to be asked – there are many ways in which we could all be negotiating better.

With community input, we’re hoping to help with that.

What made you decide to work with OurKink

The community focused, inclusive nature of OurKink resonated with us immediately.

The genuine passion and care of those who run OurKink is inspiring, and this exactly what we wish to bring to the community both in Australia, and abroad.

What is the future of NoGrey

Our closed beta launch date is the October 6th – and we are UNBELIEVABLY excited!

Once released, our focus will be on upcoming updates focusing on improvement of user experience.

What kind of updates? This is up to you!

We will give users the ability to help us decide what updates you want to see next – it’s all for you.

When and how will it launch

Our official ‘global’ launch will be in Queensland – from there we will be hosting events to give people the ability to put the app to use in the flesh.

Not much of an event person? Not a problem. The app will be free to use, and easy to download.

You have been conducting a pre-release survey

Are you able to explain more about that and what it is being used for?

The survey is being used to help us determine what difficulties the community currently faces with regards to negotiation. This isn’t guess work, we want to hear from you so we can ensure that NoGrey is meeting your needs.

The beta testing is a way to get the community more involved, and ensure ‘our’ idea of what a good solution/approach to problem is, actually works for everyone.

The app is to be used to discuss boundaries and scene limits, why do you think this is so important and can be of use to the community?

Negotiation can make or break a scene – based on our current (at printing) survey data, 87% of people have has a negative experience due to poor communication.

That number is HUGE, but is also no great surprise.

The people who make up that number are our friends, partners, loved ones – and we all deserve better.

Our goal is to bring that number down, through the use of clear visual graphing, complete negotiation structure, and ease of reference, empowering people to play with confidence.

Tell us about your presence in the kink community

Elle is a Melbourne-based ProDomme, whose daily life revolves around negotiation.

My co-founders’ have a key passion for rope and have dedicated over a decade into that addiction, enjoying enormous exposure to the global kink scene.

When and where can we download NoGrey

To be a beta-tester and stay up to date about our launch, head to and stay in the loop!

What platforms will it be on

NoGrey will be available both on iOS and Android.

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